The transition from spring to summer stirs all sorts of things in me. My nutritional needs change, my meditation practice shifts, my emotions are heightened, and the looking glass to my life is polished and there is no getting away from the disorder that calls for healing.

This spring was no different. I tentatively walked through the seasonal door feeling very vulnerable. I understand the value of walking to the edge of your comfort zone, as is said…. that is where all the lessons are but having a willingness to welcome those lessons, own them, and open my heart to them, is whole other thing.

2019 has illuminated my resistances. I have noticed how much these resistances physically hurt me and I am motivated to heal through them. Resistance hurts my body, strangles my heart, and keeps me stuck in patterns that feel restrictive. I have asked the Universe to reveal these lessons to me so I can free myself from these unkind habitual patterns.

This perspective has opened me to the experience of flow. The visualization I use is that of a river. I imagine the crystal clear water flowing freely, singing as it passes over rocks, grass outcroppings, and fallen limbs. The movement is meditative and free. The river doesn’t resist obstacles, or stop and judge why they have appeared, it just keeps flowing.

Nature guides and supports healing. Summer Solstice is an auspicious time to gain personal wisdom and align with new ways of being that will hold you in loving arms for the rest of your life.

As we peek around the corner at Summer Solstice, next Friday, June 21, I notice a lightness in my Spirit. Following ancient traditions, we, as a community will celebrate.  I will host a private Summer Solstice Celebration next Thursday, June 2oth. If you live on Cape Cod and would like to join us for this private event please contact me, space is limited to 20 people.

Peace blessed peace.❤︎

Summer Solstice Celebration by Stacey Lyons

Hold a Solstice bonfire celebration.

  1. Spend the day out in Nature and reconnect with the energy of the Sun.
  2. Reconnect with your Faith and renew your relationship with God.
  3. Take a walk along a body of water. And while you are walking, visualize what your summer, special events, love, people and new careers that you wish to bring into your life this summer will look like.
  4. Meditate outside in a garden, forest, park or your sanctuary in your own yard.
  5. If you happen to like Ancient Egyptian Culture as I do, work with the Egyptian God Ra. Ra is the God of the sun and radiance.
  6. It is said that during the Summer Solstice, write down any worries or problems on a piece of paper and then place it in a moving body of water and let the water carry it away.
  7. Have a conversation with the Faeries… Yes, Faeries. Making reference to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, there is much magic that can be obtained working with the Faeries. This can also be a fun activity if you have children. Perhaps, build a little Fairy home or terrarium and welcome them to come into your home, garden or your dreams. Make an altar with summer flowers and herbs, and light a candle and tell the Universe what you wish to Manifest this summer.
  8. On or around the Solstice time, go outside and just stand in the sun for a few minutes and soak in the energy of the Sun. If you really want to feel this, stand facing the sun, close your eyes, put your hands up and just enjoy the feelings.