This is the perfect exercise to do on Valentine’s day eve. Jonas Ellison a friend and a valuable talent as my website’s copy editor, wrote a post 40 Things I Love which got me thinking. The real challenge is to not over think this, let it flow and see what shows up. (Normally, I’d send this to my editor before I published it but in the name of being authentic and not overthinking, here it is.)

  1.  David (my husband)- the one who has stayed through all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. Eric and Alexa (my children)- who have taught me to be a mother and have grown into two of the wisest people I know.
  3. Joyce and Stanley (my mother and father)- who did the best they could in the most challenging of times.
  4. Jayne and Sally (my sisters)- who taught me trust again.
  5. Tim and Will (my brothers)- for all the childhood escapades and the happy memories that hold my heart in tough times.
  6. Sister and Brother in Laws-  you are part of us.
  7. Nieces and Nephews (too many to name)- each one of you rockstars.
  8. Auntie Dorothy- thank you the simple times and the love you showered on each one of us equally.
  9. Jan and Leon (father and mother in-law)- the stellar example of staying in the game forever.
  10. Scott (my beloved son in law)- for making my kid SO happy.
  11. Music-  if it’s got a great beat, I’m in!
  12. Cape Cod- a place that is more familiar to me than any place I know.
  13. Porsche, Roxanne, Lyla, Jesse-Girl, Josephine and Avey-Marie – some call you dogs, I call you my familiars and constant companions.
  14. Etc.-  my life-long journal that gave me an outlet for expression and kept me sane.
  15. Mr. Hunt-  my teacher and sounding board when everything else fell away.
  16. Applewild School- my sweet childhood day school that gave me routine and a love for community.
  17. Eileen- my angel friend, sent from heaven to guide me back to the love of Self again.
  18. Walks in the Woods- Forest baths that rejuvenate me.
  19. Kundalini Yoga- the practice that saved my life.
  20. Stephanie Rutt- an interfaith teacher that helped me believe in the Unseen Hand.
  21. Joseph Campbell-  I never met you but always felt like I’d known you forever.
  22. Mr Roger’s Documentary-  couldn’t stop crying as I watched this, LOVE.
  23. Meditation-   has moved me from fear to faith.
  24. Tandem Bike Rides-  adventures with with my beloved, and the feeling of flying!
  25. Travel- one of the greatest ways to grow.
  26. Dancing- freedom in my body.
  27. Writing- the voice inside.
  28. Leda, Maira, Chris, Bryan, Jonas, Nilo, Ralph, and Lexie- (Sarah Brassard LLC team) current and past, you guys “get” me even when I don’t quite get myself.
  29. My book (Inside)- the project that wouldn’t let me go, kicked my ass, and taught me so much.
  30. Sacred Space Creations- reminders of present moment awareness. Every precious space, gardens, decks, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways,  and my car.
  31. Friendship- I am sure we have travelled many life times together. That comforts me.
  32. Cooking- infusing love into the food.
  33. Ancestors- the healing of generations, bringing the best of it forward to live on.
  34. The Outer Beach- summer dinners filled with beautiful food, summer wines, campfires, and laughter.
  35. Chilly walks- that shake the morning cobwebs out.
  36. Tulips in February- in the dead of winter they remind me that spring is coming.
  37. Skiing in the Sunshine – nature, speed, sunshine, flying, happiness.
  38. Shell Seeker- treasures with meaning.
  39. Teaching- I am drawn to people that are doing the hard work of their lives. It is an honor to guide them as others have guided me.
  40. That Which Moves Me to Tears- sometimes this is laughing and other times it is crying, either way it feels SO good.

Here’s the challenge, what are the 40 things you love most?
Can’t wait to hear.

Happy Valentine’s Day.