Week 1: The Basics
40-Day Meditation Practice

Today I am very excited to announce the first special initiative of my new work: a meditation practice! I believe that everyone can gain something from creating a meditation practice in their lives. It requires no cost, a small time commitment, and can bring an incredible sense of mindfulness to your life.

Performing a 40-day practice to begin (or restart) your relationship with meditation is a profoundly sacred custom, not only in Kundalini yoga but other yogic and spiritual traditions as well. That is what I invite you to join in. You will choose a time of day and a comfortable, private space, and meditate daily for 40 days in a row. Meditation is a powerful addition to any wellness and self-care practice. IMG_2081

I will be posting about when, where, how and why to embark on this 40-day journey into meditation. If this post has caught your eye, and you feel curious about adopting this practice, or if your mind keeps circling back to the idea days or weeks from now, listen to those signs. Your spirit will tell you when it is the right time to commit to this project of self-discovery!

For those who decide to jump in, please tell me about your experiences! Ask me questions and share your reflections. Check back often throughout the next 40 days for guidance about this beautiful practice.

The first step is setting up a place to meditate.

Meditation Practice, Step 1: Create Your Space.

It’s entirely possible that the 40-day meditation practice will be the simplest ritual that you ever adopt – logistically speaking. (Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it might very well be the richest and most complex!) The only preparatory work that goes into this routine is to create your meditation space.

Choose a location that is private, quiet and soothing. Honor this space by keeping it tidy, so it can feel refreshing and comforting when you go there. I recommend placing a blanket beneath you, made of natural fibers. You may sit in a chair or on the floor. If you choose the floor, make sure you have a layer of padding underneath you for comfort. You should also keep a meditation timer by your side. If you don’t have one, use the alarm on your cellphone or smartphone, programmed to the gentlest tone and on the quietest volume setting. Those are the basics to create your area!

Additionally, place flowers or incense nearby for soothing aromas. You can add candles, photographs, essential oils and other trinkets that evoke calmness, clarity, and peace for you. A box of tissues might be a good item to have on hand, as well as a journal to write down questions and reflections when your meditation has concluded. If you happen to have one, I recommend using a sheepskin to sit on, swapping out the natural fiber blanket.

Take pleasure in creating this space, and it will become a place of nourishment for your spirit.

We will begin the 40-day meditation practice this Sunday, July 24th