Inside – 4-Week Book Study Group

Daily practice is particularly valuable in unsettled times. When new inspirations are in the incubation stage while layers of old habits are shedding, life can feel untethered and scary. Daily self-care practices establish a dependable home inside that will be with you forever. This is the work we will do together in my next 4-week program.

In March I am offering a 4-week book study group. We will use my Inside Companion Journal as our guide.

Here are the Details:

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Sarah Brassard experienced the trauma of losing both parents at a young age followed by many years of trying to find her footing in a world that was seemingly out of control. After decades of cycling through suffering and struggle, she found solace through the inner practice of massage therapy. She went on to become KRI Kundalini Yoga instructor and an Interfaith Minister.

“It wasn’t until I addressed the whole body, the whole mind, and the whole emotional system that I started seeing life sustaining results.”– Sarah Brassard

She has integrated what has worked along her journey to create a signature process of sacred self-care that she facilitates with private clients, groups, and corporations around the world.

“In this self-help book, Sarah clearly articulates her thoughts on how and why one’s protective impulses thwart one’s goals and cause further strife. It’s divided into two parts, with the first dealing with the difficulty of accepting imperfection, vulnerability, honesty, and trust, which may go against one’s hard-driving instincts. Her 40 practices aim to train readers to slow down, listen, feel, think, and question. Brassard’s advice is consistently down-to-earth in tone; for example, she says that rituals “can be as simple as your daily run to the coffee shop…or the walk you go on with your dog,” and many of the exercises, including the introductory meditation, take only three minutes to do. An insightful and realistic self-help text.”   – Kirkus Review

What People Are Saying

“The practical nature of this book comes from Sarah’s love as a teacher and from her own experience through healing. Anyone who embarks on the journey that this book provides will receive a beautiful gift of self empowerment and growth.” – Snatam Kaur

“Sarah has created a manual for healing body, mind, heart and spirit that is guaranteed to inspire and change any reader’s life for the better. Wise, accessible, heartfelt, useful, and humble…this is a book and guide I will return to often.” – Terry Walters, author of Clean Food

“In this invaluable addition to the library of spiritual guides, Sarah Brassard offers one of the most important lessons in life: the practice of self-care. Whether it’s deep childhood trauma or free-floating anxiety that accounts for our struggle, in these pages Brassard gives us the tools to recognize life for what it is meant to be — whole, peaceful and, above all, brimming with happiness.” – Katie Hafner, author of Mother Daughter Me and New York Times contributor

“With trauma as her first teacher and a lifetime’s worth of seeking and learning under her belt, Sarah Brassard is the best kind of guide and healer: one who hastransformed her own profound suffering into a gift for all who are lost, in pain, and yearning for change. This wise, generous book is both friend and manual, a tried and true roadmap to health and well-being. Sarah doesn’t just encourage readers to walk the path, she holds out her hand and welcomes each fellow traveler to join her on the transformative journey from fear to love, from darkness to light.” – Katrina Kenison, author of Magical Journey: An Apprenticeship in Contentment and Moments of Seeing: Reflections from an Ordinary Life

“In Inside, Sarah Brassard gently guides readers toward creating greater balance and self-awareness in their lives. Filled with easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercises designed to help anyone at any level build a lasting self-care practice, Inside reminds us of the counterintuitive fact that to achieve and live the lives we dream of, it’s essential we begin with ourselves.” – Peter Smith, former contributing editor, O the Oprah Magazine