When I realized that I could make dreams come true just by bringing awareness to them, my life changed. There is amazing power in this subtle shift of awareness.

With the unpredictability of just about everything in the outside world, the importance of trusting my inner compass has become the most efficient and dependable method of manifesting my dreams. An untrained mind will have us moving in many directions, and we are easily swayed by outside circumstances. This is a waste of energy and an ineffective way to bring power to our dreams. When we harness our highest hopes and aspirations through a sincere belief in their ability to come true, we fuel all possibilities.

Here are four suggestions on how to power up your dreams:

1. Spend time believing that anything is possible. So often we negate an idea before we’ve spent time with it. We see or experience something that interests us, something we’d like to do, but before we have danced with the dream, we let it go, insisting that it could never happen for us.

Indulge yourself. Look at travel magazines, visit real estate sites, look at fashion, architecture, and other creative magazines for inspiration. Whatever it is that stirs your heart, be with it completely, and let your imagination go wild.

2. Find a mentor for your dreams. As an author and teacher, I want the chance to take my practices to large audiences. I want to collaborate with others who are doing great work in the healing arts. I identify successful authors and teachers whose work I admire. I visualize working with these healers, building workshops that will help people make the seemingly impossible possible. Find your people, learn from them, and then imagine doing that great work in the world too.

3. Pay attention to your dreams. Notice how you intact with your dreams. When you start to fall into disbelief, catch yourself and turn things around by repeating a positive phrase that brings your awareness back to believing anything can happen. Draw your attention to that dream and allow it to grow bigger and bigger.

4. Journal your dreams. Writing is a potent practice for me. Thoughts can be fleeting; writing those thoughts down gives me something to reference and remember. I build stories around my dreams and have a relationship with them as I am manifesting them. It fun, it’s imaginative, and it works!

Here’s to you making your dreams come true! Remember possibilities are everywhere.