Following nature’s way is always a good practice, especially this time of year when Mother Nature’s instructions are so clear and concise. The winter months are a time of rest, inward reflection, and healing. We have less sunlight, eat heavier foods, and, most often, slow down our physical activity in favor of more inward processing.

In the winter months, my meditation practice becomes longer, more introspective, and oftentimes more challenging. I see this reflective time as a hibernation of sorts, preparing me for the warmer months ahead when I am actively out in the world.

What I have come to understand is that this transition is a rebirth: a time to let go of heaviness and unwanted habits and a chance to cleanse my spirit so I can birth my next inspirations. It helps to pay great attention to transitions, because when we don’t, we can get caught unprepared, tired, and discouraged.

Spring is a time of great possibility, in particular on the Spring Equinox, when the earth’s magnetic field supports us in releasing old patterns and awakening new ones. We are here to find our truest path, the path that offers us strength and courage. The path that allows us the opportunity for greater purpose and happiness.

3 Easy Ways to Celebrate, Renew, and Cleanse for Spring:

  1. Set an intention. Just like the trees and flowers, this is a time of awakening and preparation for what awaits you. Spend some time visualizing what you want that experience to look like and then distill those thoughts into one word (such as health, wealth, happiness, travel, or relationship). Spend time imagining what that word will look like in your life and believe that it will happen. Have fun with this and enjoy your ability to create your future!
  2. Do some spring cleaning. Don’t overwhelm yourself by doing too much at once. Take a closet or cupboard and organize it. Let go of things you are no longer using. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that someday you will use these things. If you haven’t used something in six months, chances are you won’t use it again. Release it and make room for something new. Feel how gratifying it is to see your space uncluttered and accessible, enjoy that feeling, and move on to the next space when you are ready. Soon you may feel inspired to take on whole rooms in your house.
  3. Celebrate spring equinox. There are many ways to celebrate this astrological event. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Have a special dinner with friends, do yoga or meditate together, or just be together.
  • Start a cleanse or begin a new meditation.
  • Get outside and take part in the awakening of Nature.
  • Begin a journaling practice with this downloadable PDF guide.
  • Bring gratitude into your life.

Nature’s messages are prompting us to follow along. The sun is stronger, the birds come back, tree and plants blossom, and once again our earth comes alive. Can you feel that in your spirit? This month I support you in a process of rebirth and the chance to become your own adventurer and hero of your life.     

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