Record your feelings in your journal with a goal of unearthing valuable information about yourself. With a dedicated journaling practice, you will be able to reflect on the changes that arise from the simple act of looking inside.

 Practice: Journaling
Journaling is a tool that helps us unearth emotions that might not be accessible in our day-to-day consciousness but still strongly affect everything we do. Journaling has helped me dig deeper into who I am, bringing to light my likes and dislikes, my fears, and my joys. I have been truly astonished by what journaling has revealed to me. The following are two exercises to get you started. They are designed to help tease out knowledge about who you are at a very deep level. Whatever emotions show up, do your best to welcome them.

 1. Being Grateful
First thing in the morning, open your journal and write down three things that you’re grateful for. It can be anything you want it to be; it is for your eyes only. These are some examples of things I am grateful for in my life:

  • My relationship with God, the universe, and nature
  • Living close to a hiking trail
  • Fresh air
  • The seashore
  • Comfy sheets and blankets
  • Manicures/pedicures
  • My garden
  • Summer parties on the deck

 2. Letting It Out

  1. For this practice, simply make note of what’s on your mind.

For example:

  • “I am distracted when my boss puts me on the spot.”
  • “I’m so fat. I can’t say no to cheesecake.”
  • “I miss him/her. I’m so lonely.”

 The cleanest statements are the easiest to address. You may find that they are also the hardest to write. I encourage you to practice writing these sorts of statements:

  • “I don’t like the way he spoke to me.”
  • “I’d like to learn to cook better.”
  • “My father-in-law gets on my nerves.”
  • “The dog is out of control.”

 Or simply unwind. For example:

  • “That made me so mad I couldn’t see straight. Who does she think she is?”
  • “I had to get out of there. I felt like the walls were closing in on me.”
  • “It was amazing, he made me feel like the only person in the room!”

 As you do this exercise, you’re not looking for profundity. You’re looking for truth, your truth. Spend as much time as you need—keep writing until you’ve let it all out!

My work views all the elements of being a human—the physical, emotional, and mental—as deeply intertwined… It is from this whole-person perspective that we can best identify the underlying causes of our struggles and empower ourselves to heal.

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