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Empowerment Advocate, Intuitive Healer, Meditation Teacher, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Sarah is a gifted and provocative speaker, who brings cutting-edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality to her audience, inviting them to open themselves to new ways of responding to life.

Blending humor, insight, and compassion for human struggles her writing, personal journey and teaching techniques will explore methods to:

  • Reinvent Self Care
  • Create a relationship with all aspects of life
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Secure new behaviors that build confidence
  • Gain faith in the ability to succeed
  • Break old destructive habits (blame, avoidance, insecurity)
  • Harness awareness and cultivate consciousness

Sarah has a talent for involving the audience in the solution and welcomes an interactive format.

Sarah is skilled at creating different program formats tailored to your needs:

  • Single event presentations/speeches
  • Multi-session seminars/workshops
  • Group programs
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Weekend retreats

She has presented at HR/Wellness departments and employee groups for a Fortune 500 company, women circles, yoga classes, high school empowerment groups, and more.

Sarah welcomes the opportunity to create a program for your organization.

To schedule, contact Sarah Sarah@SarahBrassard.com