Seventh Chakra Meal

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Seventh Chakra Meal | ItThe seventh chakra is more about spiritual connections and less about matter. It is always good to remember that no chakra stands alone, and that the food we eat to restore and strengthen our bodies has an impact on our ability to find peace, meditate and ultimately grow the spirit.

There are beautiful ancient foods that nurture the spirit through their connection to nature and other spiritual sources. These foods are staples in my home. They are:

  • Raw honey. This is a treasure and its healing qualities are numerous. However, it should be used sparingly in teas and other applications.
  • Sea salt and iodized salt. Don’t overdo, but definitely include in your diet.
  • Cider vinegar. A teaspoonful a day in water helps me keep my body in alkaline.
  • Coconut oil. This can nourish the body inside and out with cooking as well as beauty applications, like oil swishing, which not only brightens the teeth but is also great for gum health.
  • Turmeric. I always turn to golden milk when I need wholesome comfort food.
  • Lemons. I alternate between water with cider vinegar and water with lemons first thing in the morning to support my body’s digestion.
  • Garlic. I eat garlic as often as possible and put it in as many dishes as I can. I love to roast garlic and then spread it on crusty bread with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and a bit of crushed red pepper.
  • Almonds. I make almond milk, and love using almond butter with raw honey.
  • All organic produce, and particularly root and cruciferous vegetables.

Beyond food, this energy center needs to be fed with hopeful thoughts and invigorating emotions. The most nourishing food for the crown chakra is cultivating self love through meditation, contemplation, yoga, breath, stillness practices and interaction with the outdoors. The ingredients above help to keep my body healthy and when my body is healthy I have the ability to quiet my mind and access a deep meditative practice which supports a much quieter state of being. Know that every step you take in the direction of your heart’s calling is a step you take closer to knowing who you really are and what you have come to this earth to do.

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Sarah Brassard’s passion lies in teaching people how to create a foundation for self-care, a method of wellness that brings profound opportunities for transformation. She is the author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Vibrant and Alive Through All Life’s Challenges. The book details the self-care practices and protocols that sparked her healing journey and that she has been sharing with students and clients for the past fifteen years.

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