How We View and Judge Ourselves

The subliminal negative messages we subscribe to can have a devastating affect on how we live our lives life. So much of this destructive information lives beneath the surface in our subconscious. We feel sadness, shame, and anger but don’t always know why. There is an underlying internal dissatisfaction with who we are. Sometimes we know where the negative message originated from and other times we have no idea. We are flushed with a constant stream of information that has us convinced that we are not worthy of love, intelligence, beauty, or abundance. And what’s worse is that we believe it.  

Taryn Brumfitt brings awareness to the pervasive issue of body image through her movie Embrace. Raising consciousness on how we view and judge ourselves and others based on appearance requires courage. It takes people like Taryn to step beyond discomfort and take a stand. Her unconventional before and after picture woke us up to this cruel reality and sparked an international media craze. Each brave, truthful step helps us wake up and live authentically. So often we want to speak up but fear the consequences. When we stand together, we give voice to the one voice that lives inside us all.  

Peace, peace, peace.