Practice grounding

When we pay close attention to our life, we find that along with abundant joy there are situations that have the potential to make us feel very uncomfortable. This is life. It is made up of it all. When we can accept this, we find the tools we need to stay present to what appears. Simply asking the question “How did this situation make me feel?” activates self-care.

Grounding practices plant us firmly in the power of our life. In this practice, I ask you to notice yourself not as a victim of the circumstances around you but as a powerful contributor. We always have a choice. When we cultivate tools to take care of the feelings that show up, we build a powerful base that responds generously to the world around us. Use this technique when a situation or interaction with someone leaves you feeling sad, confused, angry, anxious, or resentful.

To do the Grounding Practice

  1. Sit on a chair or in a comfy supported seat on the floor and breathe into your connection to the earth. Feel the energetic contact and imagine roots growing deeply into the earth from the base of your spine or feet. Breathe into these roots and visualize them going deep and wide into the ground. Spend as much time here as you need to in order to feel fully supported.
  2. Ask yourself, “How did this situation make me feel?”
  3. If there is negativity in your answer, rather than digging in further to what might be going on, simply offer yourself the chance to feel grounded and safe through your connection to the earth in this moment.

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