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Healing Movement: Unwinding

The body is the vessel for all that happens to you. We feel stress in holding patterns that target the neck, shoulders, belly, low back, and so many other areas. Without release, these areas create havoc on the body, mind, and spirit that show up as chronic pain. 

Unwinding is a simple practice and a fun way to release physical discomfort. I learned this technique through a colleague years ago and have been using it in my practice ever since. Go ahead: feel like a child again and do your best not let your mind get in the way of your fun!

Unwinding Practice:

  1. Find a clean, open yet private place in your home, office, or on the grass. Give yourself enough space to stretch your arms and legs out and roll around freely.
  2. Before you lie down, notice where you are holding discomfort. Then close your eyes and ask your body to be open to releasing this discomfort.
  3. Activate a yogic breath: Inhale while expanding your belly, then exhale and release your belly to your spine. Continue this breath as you start to unwind.
  4. Lie on the floor and feel yourself connected at all points of contact. This is your starting place, and you can come back to it at any point.
  5. Begin to move, connecting your breath with your body and activating movement from the knowledge of your body, not your mind. Allow your body to start moving in any way that feels natural: Roll, turn, get into a flow, or put yourself into contortions! As long as it doesn’t hurt, allow whatever arises.
  6. When you are finished with the exercise, say to yourself out loud or in your mind, “I am done for today. Thank you for helping me release the discomfort from my body.”
  7. Observe how you feel after the practice and throughout the day. Take notes so you can see your progress. Unwinding is a wonderful self-healing tool!