Meaning of the Seventh Chakra

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Meaning of the Seventh Chakra | ItThe seventh chakra is known as Sahasrana, meaning “the lotus of a thousand petals.” This image might strike you as strange, even fantastical, but when you deepen your personal practices, it begins to make sense. Every layer of self-growth is like one beautiful, fragile petal in the flowering essence of your life. The more experiences you have, the more wisdom you gain, and the more petals bloom in the lotus flower of your life. Miracles can happen, and long-held emotional blocks can crumble, when there is a strong consideration for this center.

The seventh chakra is known as the crown chakra, referencing its location at the top of the head. When balanced, the energy illuminates our experience of ourselves. Sahasrana, as the highest energy center in the physical body, knows the roots of our being, and allows our hearts to radiate with compassionate intentions when activated. Many refer to the crown chakra as the gateway between our human and heavenly experience.

When the power of this chakra is called upon, we have an experience of ourselves as being connected to the great, universal source of life. Through our self care and reflective practices we access and integrate universal knowledge and process and express it as a part of who we are. We no longer have the sense that this higher energy is separate from us. There is an acceptance in knowing that we are all connected and dependent upon one another in the most intricate ways. A balanced seventh chakra trusts intuition, and is guided by wisdom that far exceeds any knowledge that the restricted boundaries of the ego could ever comprehend.

If thoughts of this feel unrealistic and unobtainable in your life, know that one of the easiest ways to strengthen and balance the seventh chakra is to understand what it is in your life that truly makes your heart happy. From that place of true joy, you open the gates for miracles to happen. Just knowing your heart and following your joy is a high service. Ask today how you can get closer, through quiet inner reflection, to what makes you most happy in your life.

Dream big!

Sahasrana Considerations:

  • The many layers of your personal development, represented as a beautiful lotus flower
  • The center of expression for who we really are in our character
  • In balance, it connects us to the pure energy of the universe
  • Out of balance, it can create emotional blocks, including fear and lack of joy
  • The seventh chakra in full strength illuminates a full, transcendent experience of human life

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