Meaning of the Eighth Chakra

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Meaning of the Eighth Chakra | ItMost of us have experienced it: that moment in time when you meet someone or visit a place that for some reason feels tremendously familiar. There’s a connection that feels deep, like that person is someone you’ve known for a very long time, or that place you visited feels immediately like home. And even though it is a powerful experience, it is hard to put words to the physical, emotional, and spiritual sensations that surround the event. It’s very personal. It ignites an energy in your soul that feels indescribable, and any attempt at describing the experience verbally somehow diminishes its potency. It’s this precious gem of opportunity that summons a part of you that you may not recognize as you yet. What you’ll begin to understand is that the more you honor the qualities of each of the chakras, the more familiar this meaningful feeling of déjà vu will become.

This type of occurrence is how I experience my eighth chakra, or aura. I witness this chakra as my electromagnetic field. It is the ultimate connection for me to my inner world, my higher self, God, and Nature. It is the merging of all universal energies, and when it vibrates in optimal health, it allows me to interact with others and myself in a way that feels effortless and completely synchronistic.

A strong aura is the icing on the cake. It is the prize at the end of the multi-dimensional and successive ladder of the chakra system. The aura is the cloak that holds the energy of the other chakras in place. Its vitality helps make you a believer in hope after a life filled with trauma, and has you subscribing to faith as a means of manifesting your greatest aspirations.

You’ve certainly heard of the aura before, but you may not have identified it as the eighth chakra previously. This is an element of Kundalini Technology, and I find this eight-part energy system thorough and clear. Kundalini yoga respects the aura as an energy center and witnesses the circumvent field of energy as the shell that strengthens the entire chakra system. As a Kundalini practitioner, I understand that cultivating the electromagnetic field is vital to living a strong, connected, and purposeful life. The energetic body of the eighth chakra inhabits the space between the physical being, the spirit and the outer universe and is fed by practices that bring our hearts home to the highest expressions of who we are.

Aura considerations:

  • The health and balance of the entire chakra system ignites and revitalizes the aura.
  • Your energetic health is manifested through your aura.
  • You have greater access to your dreams and potentiality when the eighth chakra is tuned up.
  • Meditation, self care, self love and any interaction with nature, feeds this chakra.
  • Know yourself through this chakra and you will never feel lost again.
  • The aura allows us to relate more deeply to our spirit and our heart.
  • When your aura or magnetic system is vibrating at a high frequency, everything is possible in your life.


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Sarah Brassard’s passion lies in teaching people how to create a foundation for self-care, a method of wellness that brings profound opportunities for transformation. She is the author of Inside: A Guide to the Resources Within to Stay Vibrant and Alive Through All Life’s Challenges. The book details the self-care practices and protocols that sparked her healing journey and that she has been sharing with students and clients for the past fifteen years.

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