First Hand Experience: Fourth Chakra

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First Hand Experience: Fourth Chakra | ItFor me, my closest relationships to Anahata, and the types of experiences referenced most often when discussing the fourth chakra, are moments in love. But what I have been reminded of recently is the power of the heart center when sadness and grief are present.

One of the most powerful times to feel the energy of the heart center is when someone we love gets sick, hurt or is suffering in some way. Watching people we love get hurt challenges our hearts, and gives us an experience of the strength that resides in the fourth chakra. When guided, this powerful center can activate huge amounts of empathy, compassion and forgiveness, and when this is energy is directed towards our loved ones, its effectiveness is undeniable.

This month I found out that three dear people in my life are dealing with serious health and emotional challenges. An old reaction for me in hearing this type of news would have been to jump into fear-mode and forecast the worst outcome. That’s the way I dealt with frightening news when I was a child, and my energy was out of balance: think the worst, compartmentalize the bad news, and then pray it will all go away.

Of course, we know, bad news never just goes away, especially when met with fear and denial. I know better now. I understand that the only way through difficult events like this is to recognize their magnitude, and to feel the news fully. Instead of trying to push away the fear that arises, I sit with it quietly and embrace all its concerns as I would a frightened young child. Treating fear and grief in this thoughtful, mature way yields amazing results. Rather than those scary feelings hanging around and haunting me, they settle down, as though all they were really asking for was to be listened to.

Once my fears have quieted, I have the chance to access the balanced energy of the heart center. I pull myself out of the scary forecast of the future and come to the present moment. I take the most valuable step I can take: I feel acceptance of the news I have been given, and surrender to my feelings of reaction for however long my heart needs. Now, all the knowledge I need for the next steps is available for me. I am ready to do the real work of the heart energy centersupport and honor my loved one however I can.

Anahata wants to love, wants to forgive and want to feel compassion, but when hurtful news is not digested properly through this center, all that shows up is fear. Take time to honor the sadnesses of your life so you can be present for the difficult times that will appear.

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