First Hand Experience: Fifth Chakra

First Hand Experience: Fifth Chakra

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First Hand Experience: Fifth Chakra | ItMy voice is something I have had to nurture and cultivate through the years. I have always been aware of its power and purpose, but over time I have come to understand the responsibility it takes to use my instrument wisely.

I am a person that can access my voice to praise others or speak up in times when I’ve felt like there’s been a misunderstanding. All this sounds very positive, and is. But what is most important is knowing and honoring the power of fifth chakra.

This is a great time to review the sequential ladder of the chakras and understand how deeply related they are to one another.

First Chakra: security, stability

Second Chakra: creation, innate wisdom

Third Chakra: drive, power, instinct

Fourth Chakra: compassion, forgiveness, love

I used to underestimate how dependent the higher chakras were on the lower chakras’ energy. My strong fifth chakra, with my loud voice, was on a trailblazing mission—but without a strong base in the lower four chakras, that mission was misdirected sometimes. Without a good feeling of safety in my life, how could my voice make others feel safe? Without innate wisdom about my own needs, how could my voice explain my needs to others in a way that made sense? Without a balanced sense of personal power, how could my voice claim power in a fair way? Without a rich feeling of love for myself, how could my voice express love to others?

It wasn’t that I was trying to hurt anyone with my voice, but I know that sometimes I did. Using my strong voice without knowing how was like playing any instrument without the proper training. When I started to understand the important relationship between the lower chakras’ energy and my voice chakra, my words were no longer careless. I spoke in words that were mindful and impeccable. I had the strength and wisdom to ground my words in knowledge and feeling, not just for those around me, but for myself too. I started to realize that even though an emotion in a heated moment might spur me to speak up, it was always important to be considered and to be compassionate.

I also learned a lesson that I wasn’t expecting to: the other half of the fifth chakra’s power is realizing when to let your voice be silent. Even more than my ability to use my strong voice carefully, I value my ability to listen. I now understand that the greatest balance and strength of the fifth chakra is the dual ability to speak with honesty and to listen, not only to what others are saying out loud, but also to the inner messages of your life.

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