Finding inner calm gives us a strong foundation for healing. Inner calm offers us a resting place, and when we establish that place inside ourselves, we bring equilibrium to our mind, which prepares us for life in the best ways possible. While it might seem safe to turn away or shut off emotions that we don’t like, true freedom comes when we turn toward that which scares us most and befriend the most difficult parts of who we are. In this place, we learn new ways of being with our challenges because those challenges no longer threaten our security and happiness. The emotions are no longer looming unrecognized in the background but are revealed to us gracefully as they come up. Meditation for a Calm Heart is a Kundalini yoga practice that connects you to your breath and grounds you in your body. This meditation will help you set the groundwork to do the healing work of your life.

Meditation for a Calm Heart (PDF download from KRI)

When you listen with a compassionate, curious ear, you start to connect with your feelings and understand the impact they have on your life. This practice keeps life flowing so you can move through your sadness, anger, jealousy, and hurt and open doors to healing. Rather than pushing unwanted, difficult feelings away, you make friends with what shows up. It is through this learning that you grow humility, acceptance, and forgiveness and ultimately move beyond the controlling triggers of suffering.

This soothing meditation brings a beautiful awareness to the breath and enables you to experience life from a different perspective. In the midst of life’s changes, we always have choices and tools for making ourselves feel better. Training ourselves to access these healing tools means we never need to feel unsafe again.

To get the most out of this meditation, include it as part of a regular meditation practice: Find a place to meditate, and then commit to meditating for 3 minutes for 40 days in a row. Why 40 days in a row? One day after another trains the brain to change old patterns and paves the way for positive new habits to flourish.