Feeling It: a follow-up

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A couple of weeks ago I went home to NH. My parents recently moved into a new house, did some remodeling, and began the unpacking and nesting process. This year has been among one of the busiest we’ve had in the family business and, as many of you know, my mom is mere weeks away from publishing her first book. In addition to all of that, I’ve recently accepted a new job and moved into a new house; I needed a break, and a trip home to see my parents was just what the doctor ordered.

Transition is a recurring theme on this blog, and as we’ve discussed it can be a catalyst for a myriad of feelings and experiences. While visiting NH this past week I was acutely aware of my feelings and at home, in my parent’s care, was the perfect place to feel what was appearing. One of the greatest gifts that our parents have given my sister and I is a foundation of safety to experience our feelings in whatever organic way they show up.

1929191_679595103810_1502580_nI found great peace in helping my parents settle into their new home. I put a dimmer on their ceiling light, helped Dad hang a few pendant lights in the hall, and stacked wood in the backyard. Handiwork has always been one of my most valuable therapies and doing it with them, as we created the space that would hold our family’s energy for future holidays and dinner parties, it meant all the more.

Handiwork aside, this is not a post about processing, this is a post about giving yourself the permission to experience your feelings- it’s a post about hearing your truth. Only then can the processing (whether it’s healing or celebration) begin.

Where can you feel safe enough to experience the feelings that show up in your life to be felt? What feelings have you put aside in an effort not to rock the boat?

Give yourself the permission to feel. Journal your feelings, learn who you are on the inside, and who you are when no one is looking. Open the floodgates of your passion and let it all in, so that you can take that deep breathe and let it all out. Make space for all the opportunity that awaits you; it’s far closer than you think.

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