Ayurveda and the Third Chakra

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Ayurveda and the Third Chakra | ItThe third chakra is connected to the Fire element. Our self-confidence, sense of purpose, and motivation is created here. When our third, or solar plexus chakra becomes disturbed, emotionally we can experience lack of clear goals, unclear intention, poor self-esteem, anger, and lack of passion. Physically, we can experience poor digestion known as disturbed agni, nausea, and difficulty breathing.

To become more aligned with our solar plexus chakra, we need to enhance digestive fire, and strengthen our inner fire. The fire within us, known as Tejas, is cultivated through mind-body connection. Close your eyes, hand slightly above your belly, and bring an issue to mind. How do you feel? What message are you receiving? This intuitive mindfulness will bring you toward the right answer for you.

Drink warm fluids and eat three meals a day. Eliminating snacking allows agni to replenish and burn off ama, undigested food and emotion. Try bastrika breath pattern to increase metabolism. The herbal supplement Trikatu, a blend of long pepper, black pepper, and ginger, stoke digestive fire and promote ease of digestion.

These thoughtful words were provided by ayurvedic practitioner Janelle Salzman. Learn more about Janelle on my Team page.

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