Ayurveda and the Seventh Chakra

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Ayruveda and the Seventh Chakra | ItThe seventh chakra is the top energy center contained within the body. Often we’ve compared the chakra system to a ladder, and now we’ve reached the second highest rung. While the bottom of the ladder represented survival instincts, and the middle of the ladder represented social skills and self-awareness, the top of the ladder represents sophisticated concepts like intellectual ability, intuition and spiritual connectedness.

In today’s guest post from Janelle Salzman, we’ll learn more about an equally sophisticated concept from ayurvedic medicine. To put a complex subject into simple terms, ayurveda categorizes the energy of the universe into three types: pure, passionate or harmful. The pure type of energy is called sattva. The bountiful, positive energy of sattva is an intrinsic part of a healthy seventh chakra. If you’re interested in learning more, visit Wikipedia or the Spiritual Resource Foundation for good resources for beginners.

From Janelle:

Sattva shares an intimate synchronicity with the seventh chakra, or crown chakra. The seventh chakra is the gateway that connects us to our true spiritual nature. Sattva is the quality of purity, balance, consideration, intelligence and kindness. These qualities are long-lasting and bring clarity and peace to an individual. Sattva allows for the emotion of love to permeate all things. Clarity of truth is present in sattva. People of pure sattvic nature do not cling to their own qualities with ego or jealousy, but live modestly with detachment. Detachment can also mean the ability to let go of grudges, and a lack of materialism. A sattvic individual is united with God, making spirituality the forefront of existence. The crown chakra is our spiritual compass.

A clear crown chakra and a sattvic mind, body, and soul can sound like a very difficult state to achieve. Have no fear! There are multitudes of subtle yet powerful ways to tap into the crown chakra and bring your life to a more sattvic state. Nourish your body with clean, freshly cooked, whole foods that innately are full of the juicy life force, also called prana. Some examples are garden vegetables and fruits, whole grains, pure milk, raw honey, dates, and ghee. Chew slowly and eat consciously without distraction of TV or a book. Surround yourself with compassionate people. Laugh. Try a Kundalini yoga class, which promotes energy channel clearing through the crown chakra. Breathe in fresh air. Come from a place of compassion, especially toward yourself. Love a lot.

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