Ayurveda and the Eighth Chakra

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Ayurveda and the Eighth Chakra | ItWhen I was contemplating what to write in this month’s guest blog post regarding Ayurveda and the eighth chakra, I felt a tremendous pull to talk about getting back to basics. This came to me when my daughter, Hope, and I made a visit to the Craftsmen’ Fair in Sunapee, New Hampshire. It was a beautiful day. All of the elements Mother Nature provides us with were in full effect. The ethers were endless and expansive. The fresh air swirled in the bright blue sky. The fiery sun warmed our skin. The cool water in the babbling brook was so calming. The earth beneath our feet grounded and supported us for a long day of walking. The power of these simple universal elements were just what we both needed.

The eighth chakra’s aura, or energy field, surrounds the body, and when balanced, provides us with emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. What struck me the most were the craftsmen at this amazing fair. Their auras were magnificent. Each one, deeply in love with their trade, radiated peace, balance, and joy. There were potters, wood turners, weavers, and painters, to name a few. But one man’s lesson spoke to me the most. He was a glassblower. The words he spoke telling us of his lifelong journey toward his craft were so captivating. He made a simple yet beautiful vase. His presence was magical. As I looked around the crowd, each and every person was still, listening with wide eyes and open ears, taking in every ounce of this sensory experience.

His craft is not possible without the elements the universe provides us with. The air and space assist in cooling the worked glass. The fire transforms glass solids into liquids. Water is used as a conduit to smoothly shape the vase. Earthen tools mold the finished piece into a work of art. Ayurveda and the basic elements at their finest! And in true, effortless form, as the amber glow surrounded the molten, liquid glass piece when removed from the oven, this artist’s own gold aura shone around him.

So take a moment to immerse yourself into the beautiful basics of nature. Let your own aura glow.

These thoughtful words were provided by Ayurveda expert Janelle Salzman. Learn more about Janelle on my Team page.

Image via Sunapee News.

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