Sarah Brassard is a longtime yogi, massage therapist, and interfaith minister. She has spent her career helping people find sacred space in their lives for healing.

As a massage therapist, she feels how people hold their pain in specific parts of their body. As an interfaith minister and counselor, her clients speak of their deepest fears and concerns. As a yoga and meditation teacher, her students express their hearts and spirits through movement and stillness. All of these components are part of self-care, the method of whole life healing that is the focus of Sarah’s practice and her debut book, Inside.

Sarah’s career started out in fashion, first as an associate in a high-end boutique, then owning a store in Amherst, New Hampshire. After a number of years in the field, Sarah answered an undeniable call of her spirit.  In 2004 I became a Kundalini yoga teacher. She added the amazing technology of Kundalini yoga to her professional practice and had incredible results. Her career as a muscular, craniosacral, and myofascial therapist, interfaith minister, and yoga and meditation teacher have influenced the message of her book, Inside. A spiritual community began to grow around Sarah’s healing practices. Within the year, Sarah launched a healing center in her 200-year-old barn on her property in Hollis, New Hampshire. At a time when few people were practicing Kundalini yoga in the area, the barn became known throughout southern New Hampshire as a spiritual center, a place that offered weekly yoga and meditation classes, self-care workshops, a Kundalini yoga teacher training, musical events and the studio where she worked with individual clients.

Sarah and her husband, David, divide their time between southern New Hampshire and Cape Cod. They have two children, Eric and Alexa, who live in Los Angeles.