Sweet Charity: Local Cape Cod Musician Taps into One of Cape Cod’s Greatest Needs

Sarah Swain Cape Wellness Collaborative

After completing my book, I looked forward to joining with others on projects that called to my heart. I am drawn to volunteer my time with organizations that align with my passions, and there couldn’t be a more perfect match for me than what I found in Cape Collaborative Wellness.

I had heard about CWC through a friend who had been on the board since 2014 when the organization was launched. The founder, Sarah Swain, a local Cape Cod musician who lost her mother to ovarian cancer, made it her mission to give people dealing with cancer a chance to work with integrative therapies. In the last year, approximately 1,400 people on Cape Cod and the Islands were diagnosed with cancer. Sarah wanted to offer these people an alternative healing opportunity that might not otherwise be available.

There is so much we can do to support ourselves through a strong self-care regime, but often life calls for more. Getting professional care is expensive and oftentimes not covered by insurance. This is where CWC comes in.

Sarah came up with the idea of building a robust network of Cape Cod professionals that the organization would pay and then offer their services to patients free of charge. It’s a win-win. The professionals get compensated, and those in need get their valuable healing services without the expense. Offerings include acupuncture, art therapy, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, energy work, massage, nutritional counseling, Pilates, reflexology, Reiki, and yoga.

The response to CWC has been overwhelming. In 18 months, the organization has distributed $65,000 to people in need of integrative healing therapies, and the numbers are growing. More professionals are signing up and more patients are benefitting physically, emotionally, and spiritually every day.

I am deeply grateful for this chance to serve. It has fortified my life.

We have all been affected by cancer in some way. This is your chance to help. Consider donating to Cape Wellness Collaborative or to another organization that calls to you. Give your precious time to the world and see how much the world gives back to you.

Together we can heal the world.


The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester

The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a gem that holds an undeniable majesty. The sculptures that line the entrance are spectacular, and from the moment you enter, the exhibits carry you away to another time and space. They are not to be missed. I am in awe every time I visit, and I visit regularly these days.

I am also in awe of the museum’s philanthropic work. I joined the fundraising board last fall, after attending their Heart of the Arts Gala the previous spring. Once I completed my book, I had been looking to get involved with some nonprofit work. When I set this intention, I wasn’t sure exactly how it would manifest. But as soon as I got clear about my request, the universe generously supplied me with the opportunity. As a board member, I came to know about the various outreach programs the museum has made available for Manchester and the surrounding area’s communities. For one, it brings art programs to underserved populations free of charge. A new program called “Bring It!” serves new immigrants in Manchester in an after-school capacity and a new Head Start program has been sponsored. The museum offers a number of free school tour programs. And the Alzheimer’s Café gives people challenged with memory loss and their loved ones a place to gather, share, and experience art under the compassionate guidance of Megan McIntyre, the tour and volunteer manager.

The people I have gotten to know through my involvement with the Currier are passionate about bringing art to the hearts of those they serve. At a time when so many of our creative outlets are drying up, this offering becomes more precious than ever.

My experience with the museum has brought so much joy to my life. I am amazed at what gets accomplished when people are passionate about how they serve the world. If the time is right in your life, I strongly recommend finding an organization that inspires you and giving back.

If you live in New Hampshire or are driving through the area, I encourage you to make your way to the Currier. Do what you can to keep their programs alive and thriving and take time to share in the wonder this museum will bring to your life.